AWS Migration
Moving to AWS Made Simple

Are you struggling to understand the best way to migrate your critical infrastructure, databases, data and applications to the AWS cloud? We are highly experienced and looking forward to working with your team to develop the best strategy to ensure a seamless migration of your critical business infrastructure. The prospect of doing a data migration can be intimidating, but it’s usually not nearly as difficult as it might initially seem.

How it Works

  1. Pick your plan
  2. Kickoff the process and review key success metrics
  3. Setup a weekly (or other as preferred) cadence meet, plan, and get stuff done
  4. Audit and tune your environment to ensure readiness for launch
  5. Launch and rollout to end users

AWS Migration benchmarks

Kickoff & Planning

Architectural Design Review

Weekly Planning

User Enablement

UAT Production Go-Live

Managed Service

AWS Migration Cost

Pick Your Plan

  • Kickoff & Onboard to Support
  • Guidance Check-ins
  • Architecture Review
  • Dedicated Slack Channel
  • End User Brown Bag
  • Pre-Launch Health Check
  • Project Planning
  • Advisory Add Ons
  • Use within (days)
  • Pricing


  • Week 2 & 4
  • Free


  • Weekly
  • Select 1
  • 10
  • $10,000


  • Weekly
  • Select 2
  • 20
  • $20,000


  • Weekly
  • Select 2
  • 30
  • $30,000

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