8 Reasons You Need DevOps as a Service in AWS in 2023 (And Beyond!)

If you’re considering DevOps as a Service in 2023, you don’t want to miss these eight reasons that will help you decide.

Does any of this sound familiar:

Your CICD process is not fully automated, adding time you don’t have to your product releases.

Your customers aren’t happy, your team is getting frustrated, and you’re feeling the heat.

You need professional DevOps services and the best DevOps tools, and you need them now.

If this does sound familiar, you’ll want to carefully consider these eight reasons why DevOps as a Service might be the perfect interim, or permanent, solution you’ve been searching for.

At the end of the day, DevOps is all about empowering your team to automate the software release process and significantly reduce errors and the time to deploy to your user community.

A DevOps as a Service Model, aka DaaS, can help you reach those goals quickly, with no strings attached.

So let’s get started with the basics.

  1. The Missing DevOps Linchpin

Collaboration is the core of DevOps. It’s also cultural, and it extends beyond your development team. Continuous improvement and monitoring, engendered by collaboration, reach into your user base.

They’re essential for exceptional levels of customer experience and satisfaction.

AWS Improve collaboration between teams by using AWS CDK constructs

At its most fundamental level, though, the desire for collaboration between development and IT operations teams was the genesis of the DevOps phenomenon.

If you’re missing this fundamental concept, or if it’s not perfected, the negative impact on your team is much more significant than you may realize.

  1. You’re Not Leveraging Your Hidden Competitive Edge

You need a competitive edge. And part of that edge comes from leveraging infrastructure automation, auto-scale, and resource elasticity in AWS.

Numerous software companies are using AWS infrastructure and services just like you.

So what’s your competitive edge?

Your dev team needs agility, scalability, elastic compute resources, and services (Lambda, container services, etc.) on demand.

Let’s give them what they need.

AWS has tons of resources, applications, and services available for use on-demand. You can leverage AWS services, auto scale, and resource elasticity to exponentially increase team satisfaction and productivity.

  1. Forgoing The Excellent For The Perfect!

You’re having trouble hiring a DevOps FTE. We get that, and we totally respect your decision to hire in-house DevOps staff. But why wait for the right FTE before building a leading-edge DevOps ecosystem?

The bottom line is hiring DevOps talent is difficult and ultra-competitive in 2023. As Statista points out in a recent article:

Nearly 19 percent of human resource professionals stated that recruiting DevOps will be a challenge in 2023….Under the DevOps model, development and operation teams are thus no longer separated.

You’re covering for a lack of focused experiential DevOps expertise with a coder. We all know how that works out—an unhappy, overworked developer and a sub-optimal DevOps environment.

Access the DevOps expertise, process automation, and tools you need today with your DevOps as a Service team.

  1. Your IaC Has Gone Missing!

You don’t have an automated, auto-scaling infrastructure built on IaC automation.

This is an absolute must-have. Your workflows, system and application builds, services, and auto-scaling infrastructure should be defined by IaC end-to-end.

Courtesy of Ayont

The cold truth is CI/CD is not a reality if they’re not. With DevOps as a Service, your team will reap the significant benefits that manifest when GitOps intersects with DevOps as a transparent service.

Look at it this way. If you can’t blow your entire development infrastructure away and rebuild it in a few minutes, you don’t have end-to-end infrastructure as code.

  1. You Know You Need A DevSecOps Strategy But…

You haven’t had the expertise to design and build a solid security framework in your development infrastructure. Some extremely effective tools are available, like Amazon Inspector, that can get you where you’d like to be quickly and affordably.

Amazon Inspector

Robust DevSecOps can be a game changer as you build, test, and release your applications.

DevSecOps might also be the difference-maker in your marketplace, where there is no room for bugs and vulnerabilities that could have been easily prevented pre-release.

  1. Your Market Opportunity Costs Are Increasing

When software releases are not error-sanitized, frequent, and timely, suboptimal customer satisfaction will cause market opportunity costs to increase dramatically.

There are no lost opportunities—someone will take the ones we mess up!

  1. You Haven’t Standardized On A DevOps Toolchain

DevOps tools are the technology energy source that powers your DevOps infrastructure.

Your toolchain is the set of services and tools that facilitate the automation and management of your software integration-deployment pipeline on AWS.

It’s a good idea to initially standardize on a set of robust tools to stabilize your environment.

After the initial stabilization and release automation phase, additional tools can be evaluated and deployed based on user preference, functionality, and overall value-add.

  1. You Haven’t Quite Maximized Your Competitive Advantage

If any of these bullets describe your DevOps environment, you’re missing the razor-sharp hone on your competitive edge.

Competition is fierce in software development. Markets won’t wait for feature-rich, frequent, impeccably-built software applications.

You’ve built an incredible team, and they’re building a powerful software application with massive market potential. The hardest part of your job is done, and you deserve the credit for that!

The bad news is there are competitors right behind you who want your market share. Have they taken the next step to monetize DevOps as a Service?

Don’t wait to find out. It’s time to take the first step toward DevOps mastery.

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