About Ayont
Cloud Infrastructure Experts

Every member of Ayont’s team of senior-level DevOps specialists brings significant, relevant, experiential DevOps knowledge to the table. We understand the DevOps world. We know what you’re looking for— continuous, error-free software deployment, period.

We’re here to help you get there with the experiential knowledge, DevOps tools, AWS pipeline infrastructure, and guidance you need, when you need them. When we’re doing our job, our services will be transparent and seamless. But we recognize that continuous software deployment takes a team effort, so we’ll also be there when your team needs us to attend standups.

Our Core Values


We’re here to provide exceptional DevOps services to help our clients achieve continuous software integration and deployment. From the moment we engage with your team, you’ll have a senior DevOps engineer as your single point of contact. Your go-to engineering resource will handle every aspect of your DevOps services and infrastructure.

You’ll never find yourself on hold with an off-shore support line. You’ll interface directly with your dedicated technical resource who knows your team, your environment, and your pipeline infrastructure.


Expect synchronous, collaborative communications with your dedicated engineering resource. They’ll work together with your team to deliver the DevOps services and pipeline infrastructure you need to empower your development team. You can bring your own toolchain, or we’ll build one to meet your unique requirements.

All pipeline infrastructure will be fully documented IaC, and you’ll own all of the IP down to the Terraform scripts.

Your go-to DevOps engineering resource will also be available to attend standups as necessary.


Every piece of pipeline infrastructure we build will be fully documented as IaC. Infrastructure as Code is the foundation of your development team’s cloud ecosystem. Regardless of the scope and duration of your engagement with us, you own all of the IaC. It will be available in the repository. 

What’s the bottom line? Your application consists of your application code and your IaC.

We’re here to serve as a transparent extension of your team. We’ll build an IaC framework to provision immutable, idempotent infrastructure and services on demand for your dev team. And you’ll own the IaC right along with your application code.

Your environment—your infrastructure, your property—period. That’s as transparent as it gets.


Our job is to deliver scalable cloud infrastructure and services to create an environment that enables your team to continuously integrate, deliver, and deploy software to your users. Software that’s as close to error-free as possible.

Software integration, delivery, and testing need to happen in an infrastructure that mirrors your production environment. Infrastructure as code is an integral piece of your application in that it creates the ideal platform for your application to run on. Symbiotic, seamless integration between your application and the infrastructure is critical in all stages of the software development lifecycle.

We get that, and that’s what you can expect us to deliver every time—scalable, seamless, transparent, integrated infrastructure and DevOps services.

Every company’s IT ecosystem has its own personality. We approach each with fresh energy and a business-minded lens, so you get the best results.

CEO Ayont Inc